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Hi! I'm Selan. I love anime, sci-fi & fantasy, Kirby and 90s JRPGs. Right now I'm trying to expand my collection of books.


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I'm back again! It's been a year now, I think, and I want to get myself back into writing - by which I mean I need to get myself back into reading.


I went into my nearest library yesterday, excited to get a book out...and discovered that the library was temporarily closed for the next month. In fact, it had been closed since May. Bummer.


I then went to the next available library. It was closed.


I gave up and got on my bus home, which passed close to my nearest library. I decided, oh well, what the hell, and checked it out even though the last time I tried to browse the Teenage Section in there, they told me to leave on account that I was no longer a teenager.


It was open. They'd moved the teenage section outside to another part so I could browse freely again.


I'll be doing book reviews again, starting with School of Skylarks. 


I don't think anyone on this site remembers me, though. Oh well. Well, I'm Selan and I do book reviews.


I'm also the guy who set out to read every single book in the Teenage Section of his local library. I did it chronologically, and got as far as C.


Now I'm going to have to start again from A, because now time has passed and there are NEW books. I wish myself all the luck that I will need. Oh yes.


Anyway, this book - I started it this morning, the chapters are about 2 pages long average...and now I've almost finished it. I'll write a review on it shortly.