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Othergirl: Not Everyone Can Be a Hero - Nicole Burstein

This book was a bit bland and predictable really. It felt like it was written by an amateur author, even though there's like 3 pages in the back by her gushing about how she loved writing her first book or something, and there's even this little note in the front (at least in my copy!) which says...


"Hello, I'm Nicole, and I wrote this book! I've lived in Edgware all my life, and this library has a huge place in my heart. I hope you enjoy my story, and please keep on reading! Lots of love, Nicole xxx"


I got this book directly out of Edgware Library - so although it does sound sweet of her to put a nice little note in here (it's all on nice pink paper and doesn't look like a photocopy) - it also doesn't sound very professional. It's a nice touch but it's not exactly how you get your book published.


But anyway. The book's setting made me think of The Incredibles. Or any superhero movie, really! Basically, there are people with superpowers and they're all famous and they're called Vigils.


In this book, one girl discovers she has superpowers and can fly and shoot flames and shit. But the main character is actually her best friend, who designs her costumes and helps keep it a secret and has no powers whatsoever.


Sounds so Cardcaptor Sakura, except not so good.


And then halfway through the book, her friend's superpowers are picked up by the Vigils, who recruit her and they don't see each other anymore...but then it turned out that one of the Vigils is more of a villain who wants to blow up London or something and she has to stop them, and there's some other supervillains who are in his gang, and one of them is literally Mrs Freeze or something.


And there's some guy she kisses at the end who turns out to be some super nerd. The villain's superpower is literally that he's a human photocopier. Yup.


That's about it really. It's more about friendship, I guess?...I mean the writing wasn't terrible or anything, but it wasn't that great either.


I guess if you read this if you were 11 and liked superheroes a bit, then you'd think it was rather cool. Even so it's still a very average superhero book and there's not much I can say about it at all.