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The Magicians' Guild (Black Magician Trilogy, #1) - Trudi Canavan

I enjoyed this book. Very much epic fantasy, with the feared magicians on one side and the impoverished slum-dwellers on the other. Our protagonist is a girl from the slums who happens to have untapped magical powers. One day, she accidentally lets her powers be shown, and the magicians want to chase her down and recruit her before her powers grow out of control.


I enjoyed the pacing of this book and the characters were quite well-written. The magicians themselves are not the "villain", I should mention - there are many of them, good and bad, and I really thought some of them are quite quirky and made me smile just reading about them.


Of course, there are bad magicians among them who feel that a girl from the slums should not be allowed to join them, and one of them tries to blackmail her into leaving the Guild and so on. Lots of intrigue and suspense, I found.


I don't know how I felt that in this book's world, child/teen prostitution was almost normal and that most girls in the slums would have to resort to this. That's...kinda heavy content for this age group, don't you think?...Considering it doesn't really play a part in the plot and there isn't actually anything graphic.


I thought the book would end on a cliffhanger, to be honest. There was an unresolved villainous plot going on near the end and it got pretty tense. Thankfully, they managed to resolve in the nick of time only to bring forth ANOTHER villain to light. But that's what the sequel's for, I guess.


All in all it was a good book to read, though you can pretty much tell that the protagonist IS going to join the magicians. I mean they spend the entire book going on about whether she's going to leave them or join them. There's 2 more books as sequels. Obviously she joins them or nothing will happen, lol.