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Martyn Pig - Kevin Brooks

A short but moderately interesting read. Martyn Pig is the main character (what a name) and being a Kevin Brooks book, it's a bit like his other titles. Dysfunctional family once again, his father's a drunk, life's not great, no friends, just accidentally killed his dad - 


Wait what he accidentally killed his dad?

And in a similar way to a character death from the last book I just read, too.


Yes, his father is drunk and he loses his temper and tries to hit his son and Martyn has had enough of this and pushes his dad and his dad falls drunkenly against the fireplace...and bam he's dead.


And he doesn't tell the police immediately. He's scared, and the only other relatives are his auntie (who tried to gain custody of him years ago, and who is apparently worse than his dad was).


Oh, and the cheque for £30,000 that he finds in his dad's post, delivered the next day. More incentive not to tell the police what happened.


Overall it did keep me reading, it had a great twist at the end (no, the twist is not that the dad is suddenly alive the whole time, he really is dead lol) what with trying to hide the dad's body and all sorts of thing. It wasn't amazing or anything but it was rather good.