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Spooked: The Haunting of Kit Connelly - Paul Bryers

This book was pretty enjoyable, although the way the plot develops is a bit strange. It's only one of the few books I've recently read with an 11-year old protagonist who actually acts like they're 11 year old. And not, you know, like a woman in her mid 20s who's trying to write a teenage character.


So our main character is Kit, and she sees her ghost. Yup. That's what she thinks it is. When she almost gets run over by a bus, this ghost girl comes out of nowhere and saves her. 


In the protagonist's own words, not mine, the ghost girl is dressed like an emo girl a few years above her, has attitude problems, and insults her when she gets near. Bit different from the last ghost I read about.


I like how it's written. Kit's parents are a bit at odds with each other (relationship problems which are explained later) but it doesn't go too overboard with the family stuff. I absolutely love Kit's friend, Nina, who is pretty batshit crazy. Love her. I don't know how to explain it. Like Kit has an idea, a really stupid idea, and then Nina comes along and makes it INSANE by involving the mass media...just crazy.


What's strange is that even though the book is supposed to be about Kit working out who the ghost girl is...halfway through, the plot stops being about the ghost at all. It's about this other guy called Leo Lyall (who is ALSO crazy, except more so. for some reason he reminded me of Johnny Depp).


And like, for a while they forget about the ghost and it gets a bit weird. but I don't care because I like how they do it.


Also, Boris Johnson turns up in this book.


I'm not kidding. He's in there. I couldn't believe it. He doesn't say anything silly unfortunately.


The ghost girl isn't fully explained until the very last minute - literally, two pages until the end of the book. For an instant I thought they'd REALLY forgotten about her. It was a bit sudden. And even then it isn't given much thought.


Definitely room for improvement but I enjoyed it overall and good for younger readers.