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Lucas - Kevin Brooks

This book seems very similar to one I just read recently. Nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot. It's set on an island where our female protagonist meets Lucas, a unique boy who is a newcomer to the island and lives by himself away from anyone. 


The plot kept me on edge, there were a number of unsavoury characters who threaten violence and want nothing better than to see Lucas discredited and exiled (for no other reason than because he's different from them). I found it quite realistic how close-minded their attitudes were.


Cait (the main protagonist) and her family were very well-written, I felt. Especially her dad. Her brother and best friend are mixed in with a bad crowd and there's mention of drugs, drink, smoking, sex...


Hell, even her dad smokes pot and he's probably one of the few good people in the book! (I wonder if this is a recurring thin with Kevin Brooks' books? His other books were filled with drugs and smoking as well)


The inevitable conclusion is really powerfully-written too. You can see it coming, but it was done very well and it kept me on edge nonetheless.


Also, I should probably mention that this is a book where the main character's dad is a police officer. It's relevant to the plot and I don't see that very often, especially in YA books.