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The Game of Love and Death - Martha Brockenbrough

DNF. It was an interesting book, but I couldn't continue more than halfway. A certain kind of romance, where Love and Death have chosen two human beings in...well, their game of Love and Death.


I thought it was a very interesting concept in that these two people - Henry and Flora - were chosen from birth and Love and Death would conspire to make them fall in love with each other. (Or not, as in the case of Death.) I like the mythological aspect too, you know like Hades and Persephone.


I enjoyed Henry's character very much, he seems like someone with a great character. Flora...felt a bit bland to me? I didn't feel much character out of her at all. She got a bit better as time progressed, but for a while I just didn't care about her.


Now, Love and Death are these two spirits who are seeking to make these two teenagers fall in love - or prevent them from doing so. And they're not allowed to interfere directly.


Except that they DO interfere. The spirit of Death goes around killing people. I'm not even kidding. She (Death is female in this reincarnation) goes and destroys an aircraft and 35 people on there are killed. The way it's written makes it seem like an accident, but they later confirm that she was responsible.


As for Love (who is male in this reincarnation) - he shapeshifts into another character and makes sweet gay love with one of the other male characters who is close to Henry.


And then he later tries to kill a man who is close to Flora - just because he's "in the way" of Henry and Flora's potential relationship. Because his power is to do with Love, he does this by causing another man to be obsessed with a girl, to the point that the man will want to murder this other guy and...


And because of that three people are dead. I swear I'm not even making this up.


Like what the hell?? If you're not going to interfere with the relationship then don't bloody interfere. This just makes it feel for awkward reading. Have Love and Time been killing people for centuries, for no other reason because they like having a betting game with each other?


When Death actually decided to suck away another girl's life-force and impersonate her...just to try and get close to Henry...I mean what. If you're going to do that, do some kind of brainwashing trick maybe? It wouldn't be so awkward then...


Well anyway. I thought Henry and Flora's relationship (so far) is pretty shitty. It doesn't feel realistic, what if Henry feeling immediately drawn to Flora for...no reason. And then he comes to listen to her sing every night. It might have worked if she was written a little better, but it didn't seem to fit at all.


For a while, I thought this book was set in present day. Then they started talking about being caned at school and getting married young, and I thought okay it's set in the 50s.


Turns out it's set in the 30s? Around the time of the war? It honestly didn't feel like it at all. Henry talked like a boy in the 50s (which I can forgive) but Flora talked like a girl in present day. It's like she time-travelled or something. Maybe it's just the dialect or something, I don't know. I just didn't feel it.


Well, I made it about halfway before deciding it was practically useless to continue. I'm sure someone else will like it. I cared about Henry (before he went non-sensically gaga for Flora) and more about Ethan really and that's about it.