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Anthem for Jackson Dawes - Celia Bryce

So, a story about a girl who is a cancer patient, meets another guy her age in the cancer ward, falls in love with him, recovers from her cancer, family drama, etc. You know, this sounds pretty familiar and I haven't even read a single John Green book in my life.


I'm tempted to say that the romance was a bit crap. Which it was. But the protagonist is a 14-year old girl who is suffering from cancer and Jackson (the boy in her ward) is a source of optimism for her, someone to help her get through the hard times.


Yes, I enjoyed that part and there's no reason why they had to kiss each other really. I mean, he appears in like the first chapter. It's barely been explained fully about her cancer treatment and already the love interest pops up.


Despite a deep and serious topic, I just feel that this wasn't very realistic. It wasn't very descriptive, it was a bit simplistic, and also very short. The main character was very vague about what type of cancer she had. Barely anything was explained about her symptoms? She throws up and gets very tired but that could easily be attributed to the chemo treatment.


Oh, and she's recovered from cancer barely halfway through the book. Goes back to school and everything. The rest of the book is about her thinking about the boy she met and how she feels they never got to say goodbye. Her recovery from that aspect, so to speak.


I mean...it is touching, their relationship, but it didn't really impress me. I don't feel there was much knowledge of cancer applied here beyond the obvious. And that's coming from me, someone who knows nothing about cancer - after reading this book, I still knew nothing about cancer really except that you can lose your hair and go bald and get sick from the chemo treatment. Didn't help really.


So overall I can't really give this a high rating. The ending is quite bittersweet but ultimately it's about recovery again, which is something I've read in about 30 books so far.