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Black Rabbit Summer - Kevin Brooks

I enjoyed this book. Great style of writing, the characters were very relatable and you cared about what's going on. At first I thought it was a boy-meets-girl kind of thing, but it's more like a missing-person's murder mystery. Very intriguing and had me hooked very early on.


It's interesting because one of the characters is a thug-type who goes around with a knife threatening people, and turns out he didn't have anything to do with it, lol. What I don't understand is Raymond?


Basically, Raymond (possibly my favourite character in this book, he's very different) goes missing. He's not the main person to go missing. Stella's the one who goes missing that everyone's looking for. But the protagonist really cares more about Raymond and apparently his disappearance is completely unrelated...to anything at all.


And we get to the end, having solved the mystery of the murder of one missing person. Nothing is said about what happened to Raymond. He just disappeared for no reason.


So it's a pretty unsatisfying end because throughout the book the main character is all like "Where's Raymond?? I HAVE to find Raymond!" and he never turns up, there's no explanation.


Apart from that it was very well written so I can give it a marginally good rating.