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Untold - Sarah Rees Brennan

Holy crap oh my god just finished this book and blown away by that ending.


This is the sequel to Unspoken. I was really happy to see it in my library - I so rarely see sequels to books that I've actually read! And after that cliffhanger in that first book? How can you not read more.


I was excited to see Kami and the gang back. I love their characters, I really do. The plot became more developed, and then you realise why Jared was acting the way he was, Lillian actually does some decent stuff for once and helps out against the sorcerers...


And kissing. A LOT of kissing. So many kissing scenes between Kami and Jared. I might have preferred they remain as friends really.


Though I was rooting for Kami x Ash at one point...but I also feel sorry for Ash for not getting the person he really wants. And I was heartbroken at what happened in that last couple of chapters!! I KNEW that would happen to Jared.


Just oh my gosh emotional rollercoaster in the last ten minutes.


Of course it's not over. Ends on another cliffhanger. Though for some reason I'm more concerned about the link between Kami and Ash! Ash was just a more decent person than Jared most of the time and I started to like him more. And then...and then Jared starts to come back to reality again. After he finishes whining about his life.


I just loved this book and can't wait to read the next one, if I ever get to see it.