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I Predict a Riot - Catherine Bruton

Gangs! Gangs and more gangs! How many YA books have I read which are about gang violence now? Too many.


So it's interesting why I find this book to be nonetheless noteworthy. The characters are quite unique in my opinion and have very realistic backgrounds, there seem to be more ethnic minorities as far as I can tell (is the main character literally the only white person? it seems that way) and it relaly did paint a good picture of the London riots.


I really enjoyed this book and didn't think I would to begin with. Yes, it's about gangs. I might have mentioned that already.


Little Pea (yes, that's his name!) really grew on me. Half the time you think he's a back-stabbing traitorous little swine who constantly double-crosses the people who try to help him, because he sees himself as a lost case...well, you know what happens. If you've read the book that is.


I also found it intriguing how the main character was very into filmography and camera work - in that she films everything, she takes down everything on camera. Including some of the more violent aspects of the riot which could get her into trouble.


There are no "perfect" families in this book. Practically every character has a broken family. The only character who has a good family suffers as a result. No one gets out unscarred, and not everyone gets out alive.


I did enjoy this but I could tell what was going to happen to Tokes eventually. I'm glad we got this kind of ending, too. It's a bit open-ended, it's a little sad, but I'm happy about reading this book.