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Shadow Web - N.M. Browne

I couldn't get very far into this book. The concept is actually quite interesting. Jessica googles her name and finds that there is another Jessica, very similar to her. They make plans to meet up, and...


...and she is SWEPT into the other Jessica's reality! A parallel world, thich looks as if she's gone back in time since everyone is horse-drawn carriages and they're using shillings for currency, the people wear hats and scarves or whatever it is.


Interestingly however, the year is still 2008 in this reality. There are black and white TVs. And someone has a computer, which I didn't quite understand. It's basically an alternate reality and she has to survive to find out her bearings.


That's about as far as I got. Unfortunately for her, everyone thinks she is the real Jessica and so all the men act like she's a prostitute (since she's dressed in modern clothes rather than covering up 500%), everyone belittles her, there's on equal opportunities here, everything is awful and...


Yeah, I'm not really enjoying reading a book where everything about her new world is constantly unpleasant. The world was interesting, I guess? But I just wanted her to get back to her own world as soon as possible. I take it that isn't going to happen.


There is a mystery here but I didn't really care about it, I just wanted her to get out of this horrible place where they work her half to death, barely feed her, and treat her like dirt. It just doesn't make for enjoyable reading. I don't recall liking a single one of the other characters.


In a word, DNF. It doesn't seem to be a bad book but it didn't sit well with me.