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Kite Spirit - Sita Brahmachari

I didn't really enjoy this. Nor did I finish this.

It's about a girl whose best friend commits suicide in the first chapter, and I presume that the rest of the book is about her recovery...even though I've already similar books with exactly the same plot which handled it a lot more realistically and with some actual emotion.

I read a handful of chapters and garnered practically no emotion from the characters. It was a bit empty and I just couldn't feel anything. Kite and Dawn spoke in exclamation marks all the time, making every single thing they said sound incredibly bright and cheery with no other emotion in between, even though no one talks like that. (Or maybe some people do talk like that, but here it just seems a bit bland.)

In the prologue, we learn about Dawn's suicide and all of the teachers are all in shock and trying to comfort Kite about it. That's the most emotion I've seen in the book so far. The next handful of chapters are about memories of Kite and Dawn together, and I've yet to find a single piece of imagery about Kite's feelings on the matter. Other than her being sad. She talks about how she could have stopped it from happening, but...an in-depth description of her feelings and emotions would be nice?

To be honest, I read more realistic emotions about suicide in The Hate List from last week, and that was about a school shooting. I just didn't feel anything from this book, even though I predicted that it was bound to be depressing. It wasn't depressing. It didn't really move me, and so I didn't feel inclined to read to the end.