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Dead Gorgeous - Malorie Blackman

Before I say anything, it should be stated that one of the main characters has an eating disorder and this is mentioned in detail. There's no warning of it, no indication of it (especially considering that the rest of the book isn't anywhere near as serious), so avoid if that makes you icky. I know some people will avoid that.

Somehow, I think that's the only reason why this book was in the teenager section at all. The rest of the book feels a bit meh. Even though Malorie Blackman wrote it. I mean, this is the third book I've read by her and although she is good at writing descriptions and feelings...I'm feeling now that her plots leave much to be desired.

The main characters are called Nova and Rainbow. Ooh, how flashy. Their mum and dad are written as pretty quirky and likeable when they are first introduced, but after that they don't seem to do much. They have these two twin brothers called Jude and Jake who do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the story.

Yes, there's a character who's a ghost. And a love triangle with him. Of course. There's another guy who's an asshole but who...somehow becomes heroic at the end...even though he's proved constantly that he's not very pleasant. I don't know what happened to him, to be honest. It doesn't say.

There's these two old women in the book who walk around in pairs and say cryptic stuff, implying that they know about the ghost, but it's never ever explained and it never impacts on the book. I really don't know what the point of them is.

The ghost's backstory is actually written to be quite serious, I mean there's something that's written like a dysfunctional family and the close relationship with his brother before his death. But I mean the rest of the book is so childish and juvenile - yes, I know this is a children's author - but mixing up all these serious issues just throws everything off-guard.

I started liking the book about halfway through since we had a few plot twists, but then it ended in a generic fashion and most of the characters acted and talked in the same way. I didn't really enjoy it at all.

I'll be reading Noughts and Crosses next week, because I've heard that that's the book Malorie Blackman is known for and I REALLY hope it's a lot better than her other books. I haven't read a single one of her other books which is actually enjoyable so far.

Also, I don't know why the book is called Dead Gorgeous. It doesn't revolve around the guy being gorgeous. Dead, maybe, but the title implies it's some supernatural romance and it isn't. It implies it's like a slasher horror book or something which is pretty misleading.