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Am I Normal Yet? (The Normal Series) - Holly Bourne

This was a good read overall. The main character has OCD and anxiety and I feel that the author did a great job of portraying that. It felt very realistic, certainly. Really liked that part of the book.

Problem is, the rest of the book is a bit like your generic teen highschool romance. Yes, the protagonist sees her therapist regularly. She also gets new friends, gets to know boys, manages to fall for the one boy that she shouldn't, etc.

I don't know why, but the girls in this book wouldn't stop talking about feminism. I guess the author was pretty big on it, but the protagonist and her friends...everytime they have a conversation, they're talking about feminism.

And that's great! I'm not against seeing them discuss feminism like that amongst themselves, talking about the patriarchy etc - or at least I wouldn't if that's all they talked about in the WHOLE BOOK!

Oh, they don't actually discuss it how you might want it discussed, by the way. They literally just complain about sexism and how it's impacted them and then complain about all these misogynistic men in their lives. It felt like I'd stumbled into a section of Tumblr and couldn't find out how to sign out again. They...just harped on about it for a while.

When they didn't talk about feminism, ironically they talked about boys instead. It started getting to the point where they were like, "No, we can't talk about boys! That would fail the Bechdel test!" Okay, please let us get back to the plot of the book now?

Anyway, I was waiting in the book for the crucial point where the protagonist would finally tell her best friends that she had OCD. I waited for this point. I waited.

And then the author left it on a fucking cliffhanger.
Following by an Author's Note about feminism, even though she'd spent the entire book going on about it through these other characters. I mean, it's good if teenage girls read this and get to know a bit about it, but I was REALLY wanting to know more about the story and the OCD going on...

There are two boys that the main character has as love interests.

Boy 1: Shy, mental condition of his own, she can relate to him very well. A great match together. Result? She is turned off him pretty fast, mainly to due with reasons related to his condition, and he has never heard from again.

Boy 2: Obnoxious, arrogant bad boy who just wants to sleep with her because that's all he wants from her. Never returns her text. Ignores her 90% of the time. She falls in love with him, despite all these factors, and despite the glaringly obvious fact that he just wants to get in her pants, and she ends up suffering a relapse as a result of it.

Bloody hell. I don't know what's wrong with these people.
Still, the book isn't bad overall.