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The Stuff of Nightmares - Malorie Blackman

This book was alright, I guess. It was very well-written, but it's not horror. It wasn't even scary. Maybe dark and disturbing in places, but not scary. Goosebumps is scarier than this book.

It was more like reading A Compiliation of Very Short Chapters About People's Worst Fears whereas the main plot was a little poor in my opinion. You get "Nightmare" chapters about all these characters in the book (none of whom we know beforehand, so it's difficult to care about them), aout the nightmare they have in the train about their worst fear.

The first of these chapters was really good. It was genuinely creepy. The second of these chapters...was about their schoolteacher being tricked into marrying the Devil. Yes. Satan. Seriously. Are you kidding me? Did Malorie Blackman REALLY write this?

Joe's nightmare actually confused me. I couldn't tell why he'd killed someone (if he had), or why he thought his arms had been chopped off, or anything like that...was it a mental disorder? I honestly couldn't tell. How am I supposed to find it scary if I don't know what the chapter's talking about?

Oh, the chapter about the two evil twins who kill people was pretty cool. It was one of the better chapters.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about this book. It was very well-written, certainly, but I didn't care about any of the characters, I got sick and tired of the Nightmare chapters because I just wanted to get back to the main plot. The main reason I wanted to keep reading was not because it was good, but because I wanted someone to tell me what the hell was going on.

Either way, I'm sure there should have been a "fantasy/supernatural" genre attached to this. The Grim Reaper is in the train? His dad is a ghost? What?? Can we explain SOMETHING? Please? Really, there has to be another of her books that I like better than this.