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The it Girl - Katy Birchall

This isn't a book that I thought I would like. The synopsis screams "teenage girl stereotypes" on the back cover.

But oh wow. The first half of this book is hands-down, the funniest thing in a book I have seen in the YA genre. Not in a bad way - in a good way. I was crying my eyes out with laughter. Seriously. I loved it so much. The memories of our main character dancing with a balloon, her dog (he's called Dog) who brings in a live pigeon to the house, and then lets it go and watches it shit on her step-sister...oh man. It was so, so funny.

Rarely have I seen such comical writing, I mean it was like Victoria Wood had written the book or something.

Sometime after that, however, it does lose a bit of the comedy and focuses on plot. It reverts to "unpopular girl becomes famous, tries to be something she's not, then learns what she did wrong and changes back and gets a boyfriend and everything is happily ever after".

Yeah I know, you expected it would go back into cliche terms but I didn't care by that point because the first half was just SO hilarious. For that alone I'm giving it 4/5.