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Hi! I'm Selan. I love anime, sci-fi & fantasy, Kirby and 90s JRPGs. Right now I'm trying to expand my collection of books.


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Saving Silence - Gina Blaxill

This book was okay. It was very well written, the characters all had their own stories and were very realistic and believable. Yup, even Ollie. I really loved how the author switched between the POV of the two main characters each chapter, too. That was a nice touch.

Still, the actual plot of the book left much to be desired. From the main summary of the book, it's about Imogen and Sam are being pursued by someone out to kill them. Who could it be? Some deeadly underground criminal agency? The mafia? Hitmen? Someone out to silence them now that they've seen some important government secret?

No, nothing like that. It's...two thugs. That's it.

It's a bit underwhelming, isn't it? Sure, the thugs have knives, but apart from that it's not exactly in a league of its own. It's pretty predictable at the end too, and Ollie was acting very suspiciously from the beginning.

Nevertheless, I can praise this book for having the characters written really well. It just needed more of an exciting plot and it would be much more awesome.