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Noble Conflict by Malorie Blackman (2-Jan-2014) Paperback - Malorie Blackman

Malorie Blackman is a great author, but I didn't feel exactly wowed by this book. Setting is a dystopian future, where the peace-loving Guardians protect the city from the warmongering Crusaders. It focuses on a boy called Kaspar, whose parents died when he was young as a result of the war between the Guardians and Crusaders, and how he gradually unravels what's going on.

And...yeah. I was hoping it would go a bit deeper than that, but it didn't. If you've read any novel about a dystopian future...or any sci-fi film ever...then it's pretty predictable. There is a kind of plot twist, which I rolled my eyes because it was so painfully obvious.

Oh, and I thought Mac was the traitor the whole time because she was really suspicious? Turns out she was only actling like that because she's the love interest.

The last chapter is a bit of a waste of time. It's basically just Mac whining on about her dad. I don't know how that's possibly a good conclusion at all.

The conclusion was quite open-ended and didn't really answer any questions. There was also a part of the book which was incredibly messed up.

If you've seen V For Vendetta, you already know the plot. In fact, you already know more than the plot, because this book doesn't even approach that level of detail.

I still enjoyed it a bit, mainly because you got people firing freaking grenade launchers at each other and I thought that was cool. But it's not exactly groundbreaking and I kinda expected more from this author.