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Hi! I'm Selan. I love anime, sci-fi & fantasy, Kirby and 90s JRPGs. Right now I'm trying to expand my collection of books.


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My Second Life - Faye Bird
This book wasn't very good. I couldn't connect to a single character. Ana, the main character was okay...ish. Basically she died in her last life, and now she's reborn in a Second Life, in a new body, but retains all her memories. Why? Because of some guilt from her past life, apparently, which brought her back...even though it only happened to her and absolutely no one else...right.

Because she's in her second life, she doesn't believe her mother is her real mother. She feels disconnected from her. And so do we, the readers.

She also has a boyfriend, who plays absolutely no purpose in the book whatsoever. He's literally her only friend. He's nowhere to be seen during the important parts, and he comes back when it's all over. He's literally a waste of writing space in my eyes.

I kept reading for some reason, because I was curious about the mystery in the book. It was...kind of worth the wait at the end? There was a twist. Unfortunately, you have to sit through a ton of family drama with her old parents. And there's an evil auntie or something, because why not. The last chapter so was pretty decent actually.

Aside from that, no, I virtually skimmed this book. It needed better-written characters and something more interesting happening.

I thought it would be nice if Ana actually disappeared or something when she found out the truth at the end - you know, like a ghost being laid to rest? Turns out, nope. She just goes on doing exactly the same thing as before. Just discovering her past.

There are good parts near the end, but most of this just wasn't very well done.