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Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This book was physically painful to read. I made it through a few chapters. Much like Jennifer Lynn Barnes' other books, the protagonist is downright idiotic and probably hates everyone. Again. I don't know why.

In the first chapter, she has healing powers, can run for great periods of time, doesn't need to eat, is IMMUNE TO PAIN, and...her blood is poisonous. Yeah. You know, if I ever made an OC like that, FF.net would chuck me out the fucking bar. The fanfiction bar.

What kept me reading at all was that the general plot of the book is a good one. She has to deal with a chucapbra inside her. It's a good writing idea. However, the way the author writes it out is so terribly shitty. Is she a mutant? Why is she fighting demons? Why does she automatically assume that Bethany is a sociopath who looks down on her for no other reason than her being in the cheerleading squad?

Why in the haemorrhaging fuck did someone feel the need to write a character like this? Is she a werewolf? Maybe? I don't know. Shouldn't someone EXPLAIN this? Why is she a werewolf? Why does she have powers like this? Is she a lab experiment?

Maybe there's another series which explains this? But I can't see one hinted at in the book. Is there?

I liked Skylar when she first turned up, even though her problematic way of introducing herself was "Hi, I'm the school slut". Yeah. That's how new characters introduce themselves in this book. The author thought this was a good idea. It reeks of tons of high school cliches which make this shite such an unpleasant reading experience.

I got as far as the chapter where Skylar says "By the way, everyone, I might be psychic!" Um...what. I'm sorry, I can't read this anymore. This is so, so bad.

The brief fight scenes were quite decent. Virtually every character who wasn't Kali was quite friendly and had a good personality and I liked them. Instead, it's all about Kali and her demon-fighting skills and hating absolutely everyone around her because she's a walking stereotype.

This is the second book by this author that has turned out to be incredibly badly-written (the first being Trial of Fire, which was actually worse). By the way, the protagonists had identical personalities. Seriously. They just had different names. And right now, I'm avoiding every book by this writer in the future.