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Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare

Really enjoyed this play! There characters were great, the heroine dressing up as a man and having a woman actually fall for her was great, Maria was one of my favourite characters overall and the relationship between the Duke and Viola feel quite genuine, unlike some Shakespeare comedies I could name.

Also, no arranged marriages going on which is great. No oppressive fathers trying to force their daughter to marry some old guy. I'm glad Shakespeare finally stopped doing that sort of thing (at least for now), because the plays are much more enjoyable now.

I admit that he recycled something from the Comedy of Errors, as in "my long lost brother who looks exactly like me died in a shipwreck years ago". That was the only thing, really, but I could live with that. Sebastian didn't really have any effect on me, really.

Also...at the end of the play, one of the characters marries a man whom she thought she was dating for months, but whom it turned out that she had actually only met 5 minutes ago. Because the "man" she was dating was a woman, and this other guy was the woman's twin brother.

I mean it's a totally different person? Is she still going to marry them at the end? I don't even know.
4 stars overall, anyway.