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Hamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare) - William Shakespeare, Rex Gibson, Richard Andrews

Really enjoyable play of Shakespeare. I'm glad to see his tragedies are much better now since *cough* Titus Andronicus *cough*.

The only thing is that this play can get a little confusing if you don't have a wiki right next to you. In the first page I was confused as to why the characters were saying that Hamlet had killed his father. No. Apparently, Hamlet's father...is also called Hamlet. Yeah. So Hamlet is avenging the death of Hamlet. Why did he give them both the same name? I don't know. Will we ever know? Never.

The majority of this play is actually about ruminations on life and death really. I don't feel that there is any real action until the last scene, but Shakespeare doesn't put the rest of the play to waste. Claudius also isn't your stereotypical "evil" villain either. He killed the king and was going to kill Hamlet, but only because he feared for his life. Apart from sleeping with the queen, he wasn't going to do anything else.

Oh, and practically everyone dies too. The last scene is pretty powerful.