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Last Stand of Dead Men - Derek Landy

Wow. Reading through this book has put me in a state of shock, and I...can't believe that a lot of things which happened, just happened. After the previous book, which was absolutely amazing with Armageddion and Darquesse and Lord Vile fighting side by side against some super-powered enemies, I couldn't see how Derek Landy could possibly get much better than that. But now I can see that Kingdom of the Wicked was just a stepping stone to tell us about the Accelerator.

For the majority of this book I thought, it was just going to be about the Sanctuary war. This made the book was very good in my eyes but not as amazing as the previous titles. Then suddenly, out of nowhere...we get that plot twist. Yeah, YOU know the one I mean...

I mean, I was in tears when that happened. I couldn't believe it.
And btw, I was actually spoilered on that twist BEFORE it happened, years ago, because I was a dumbass who went on the wiki. I...just kinda blotted it out of my memory. It didn't make sense, you know? Why would he DO that?

But he did, and...yeah, I can't really talk about it anymore.

It doesn't stop there. Warlocks. Darquesse. China. I, I just can't express how awesome that part was...In the last half hour, I was really afraid for China. She gave it her all.

In summary, this book is at least as fantastic as Kingdom of the Wicked - and it really gets good in the last part of the book. People keep dying left right and centre, until I really began to fear that ANY of my favourite characters would be left alive at all!

Just one book left to go. One. Book. I'm scared of what will happen. I don't know how it's going to turn out, because I don't think anyone's really had the advantage over Darquesse before and even the Sceptre of the Ancients might not be enough? That's what I'm thinking really. Like, even when Lord Vile fought her they were pretty evenly matched but I always got the idea that Darquesse was a lot stronger.

And what she did to...you know. Near the end. It's a spoiler if I say it. That was just brutal. I don't know if he deserved that. Yes, he did terrible things which ripped them apart but if anything then death would be better than that.

I am going to be so sad when this all ends. Probably even pick up Demon Road after this.