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Skellig - David Almond

This book is beautiful. I remember seeing it around when I was at school, and I wish I'd taken the time to read it back then. What I find unique about the writing is that although it seems quite simple, the description and imagery makes everything so real and makes you feel as if you're really there. I haven't read many books that can do that effectively without resorting to lots and lots of length paragraphs, but David Almond does it very well here.

I really liked the atmosphere of life and death and Skellig was a very interesting character. Yes, the book is about an angel, but not your "pure" cliche angel that you usually find in YA.

You know what really freaked me out, though? Skellig's order for 27 and 53, that he kept feeding on...That's spring rolls and pork tsar-siew.

That is the exact same food I always order from a restaurant whenever I eat out. Even though I've never read the book until now. Some coincidence, huh?

I was able to guess the book's ending mostly because I'd seen this kind of plotline done together. Nevertheless I could feel the urgency and emotion written into every word, and the end was really well done.

Also, I wouldn't call this a YA book. It's a children's book. Hence why a lot of people might be judging it as a teenager book and complain that nothing much happens. I did lose attention at some point, I admit, since the characters just seemed to be drawing. But only during that part.

I'll give it 4 stars and looking forward to reading his other books.