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Hi! I'm Selan. I love anime, sci-fi & fantasy, Kirby and 90s JRPGs. Right now I'm trying to expand my collection of books.


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Skellig - David Almond

Skellig is a novel that I wish I'd read when I was younger. I remember seeing this book a lot in my teenage years, but for some reason I never actually started reading it until now.


So far I haven't read much, but...I read something in an early chapter which freaks me out.


The main character asks Skellig (I assume it's Skellig) if he wants anything to eat, to which Skellig replies "28 and 53". This is puzzling at first, until the boy's father later turns up and offer to take him out for a Chinese takeaway. To which the boy says that he wants 28 and 53 on the menu.


On the menu, that's spring rolls and pork tsar sieu.


Now I don't know if it's a HUGE coincidence...but those two options are what I have whenever I go out to eat. I'm a picky eater and I usually only ever get Chinese, especially if it's a treat. I always, always get tsar sieu, just like the boy in this book.


It's one crazy coincidence, and it was enough to make me think "Whoa" and put the book down for a moment.


That being said, this book is a wonder of its time. (A time that was, ah, 18 years ago, but still relevant today). I don't know ohw to put this into words, but...it feels so real. I love it.


And after the utter shit fest of last week which was Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, I needed a good book to get me back on my toes. I love it already.