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Growing Yams In London - Sophia Acheampong

At first glance when I picked this up, I thought that it was going to be a trashy girl-meets-boy romance. Well...it is, really. However, it's different in that the main characters comes from a Ghanaian family and that you get to learn about their culture throughout the book.


To be honest, after reading the first 6 chapters I still hadn't learned a single thing about Ghanaian culture, aside from the MC's mum being strict about when she should get a boyfriend. It could have been my family. You have to wait for 10 chapters before they tell you about anything cultural, and that's halfway through the book.


That being said, this is an okay book. I didn't get much out of it, and the girls spend 90% of the time talking about boys and have only a small amount of development. I wasn't really interested in the MC's boyfriend at all, since her other friend seemed much more likeable.(Seriously, what kind of guy has his friends ask him to talk about his ex...whilst his current girlfriend is sitting right next to him?) Still, all of the female characters were pretty well-written and believable, and the MC is quite relatable.


Near the end of the book, it turned into quite a drama fest. Literally a soap opera. The girls were breaking up their friendships because of other boys, or other friends, or for stupid reason, or disliking another girl...I didn't really feel moved by any of it. There are no real problems with the story, other than what you usually get in this kind of book, but this isn't really my demographic.


The author could probably do with some more description, but one thing I liked was that they mentioned parts of London where are where I live and that I recognised. Also, they mention MSN! This was written back in 2006, after all.


All in all, I was going to give it 3 stars because the characters were quite engaging and you actually cared about them, but then I lowered this to 2.5 stars after it lagged at the end.